Opening March 29

Grandma Pucci's Homemade Ice Cream combines the highest quality ingredients to create over 100 incredible flavors of ice cream!
Grandma Pucci was synonymous with quality food and Ice Cream back in Ohio. We have instilled this quality into our Ice Cream, from the cream to our ingredients we only use top quality. It is truly quality you can taste.
A visit to Grandma Pucci's is no regular Ice Cream parlor experience. You will be able to watch our Ice Cream artists create our Ice Cream daily. With over 100+ flavors to choose from, its impossible to not find a mouth watering Ice Cream that makes your taste buds go wild! Check out our menu page to see what Grandma Pucci's has to offer.
At Grandma Pucci's we believe you can never have enough flavors of delicious Ice Cream. With over 40 different flavors available daily, its nearly impossible to be unable to find one you love! Try our banana boat sampler, it comes with 5 different scoops. But we do not stop there, if there is a flavor of Ice Cream, you love we can make it while you wait! (Min Purchase necessary)

Ice cream is happiness condensed.

Jessie Lane Adams

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